Payment services
for the maritime industry

You need support from a payments provider with specific experience in the maritime industry. With a multi-currency account from FINCI, your international payments will always enjoy fair winds and following seas. 

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Payment Services for Shipping Industry

Helping your business move full steam ahead

Payment Services for Shipping Industry

With high currency fees, slow cross-border transfers and compliance risks, navigating global payments is like sailing through choppy seas. With FINCI, keep your ships sailing with timely payments for critical services. Equip crews with Mastercard debit cards for seamless payments. Keep more revenue by minimising conversion fees. And get the support from a dedicated account manager that makes international trading smooth sailing.

Payment networks for business

  • Connect to over 11,000 financial institutions in 50+ countries

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  • Send and receive euros across 36 European countries

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  • Make instant blockchain-powered global payments

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Make global

From one multi-currency business dashboard, you can send and receive payments in GBP, PLN, USD and EUR. Additionally, you have the option of making instant global payouts to a wide range of other currencies from your EUR account. With a suite of payment networks available, including SWIFT, SEPA, and SEPA Instant, your funds always get to their destination quickly and securely – just like the crucial parts and materials you need for on-time production.

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Make Global Payments

Pay instantly with RippleNet

Ripple Net

In the competitive maritime industry speed matters. And there is nothing faster than instant. With blockchain-powered payments via Ripplenet, you can now make instant global payouts to other currencies around the world. Trade with a specific region and want instant payments to that currency? Then please download this form and email to [email protected]. We’ll try to tailor a solution for you.

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Get an account manager

Get Support for your Business

Your maritime company is a complex international business. So you need support that goes beyond chatbots and help articles. You need fast and effective human support. That’s why you get a dedicated account manager – a payments expert that knows your industry, your business and your specific commercial needs.

Gain control with user profiles.

Ripple Net

Businesses in the maritime industry need a higher level of support from compliance. From AML to KYC, our team of expert compliance officers will support you as you trade across legal jurisdictions. And with specialist shipping and maritime expertise, we know the right questions to ask as we guide you efficiently through the compliance process. 

[email protected]

Your maritime business can rely on FINCI payments.

  • Save money on
    FX fees

    When paying for expenses such as port charges, brokerage fees, customs duties, fuel costs, and maintenance contractors, currency conversion costs can quickly escalate. With a multi-currency account, you can minimise these fees, and better manage company funds as you move money around the globe. 

  • Gain compliance

    Businesses in the maritime industry need a higher level of support from compliance. From AML to KYC, our team of expert compliance officers will support you as you trade across legal jurisdictions. And with specialist shipping expertise, we know the right questions to ask as we guide you efficiently through the compliance process.

Payment Services for Shipping Industry

Building long-term stable relationships

We’re selective about the companies we work with because we give our business customers an extra level of service and care. Instead of serving millions of customers, we prefer to deliver exceptional service to those larger businesses that need more hands-on support. And as a result, we build rock-solid, long-term relationships with our clients.

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  • Complex businesses

    Our payments experts, with experience in maritime, really take the time to understand your business and meet your specific needs. 

  • EU, Asia and USA

    We provide seamless global payments, with direct SWIFT payment details to the EU, Turkey, UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong and the USA, etc.

  • Higher turnover

    Experienced processing high-value, high-volume payments, we’re experts at serving larger companies turning over €500K to €50 million per month.

Make payments and track expenses at your desk or
on the go

Quickly and securely manage your business finances all within one app, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

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  • Finci Business Debit Card

Choose your business plan

Choose your business plan


€50 000 monthly incoming turnover

€5 /mo

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€250 000 monthly incoming turnover

€20 /mo

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€550 000 monthly incoming turnover

€45 /mo

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Individual custom limit

€120 /mo

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Privacy and protection

Funds in your FINCI account are held safely and securely. As a regulated entity we are obliged to follow the strictest security practices. But on top of that, we have made additional investments to ensure that security of your funds and data is always our top priority.

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Finci Security

Open a multi-currency account in hours

Our fastest time to open a business account is just 82 minutes. But that’s a record. It could take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days.

How to Open a Business Account

Common Questions Common Questions

  • How do I open a FINCI business account?

  • How long does it take to open a business account? 

  • Is there a faster way to open an account?

  • Can I maintain multiple currencies in my business account?

  • What’s the benefit of a multi-currency account to a shipping firm?

  • Which payment networks do you provide access to?

  • How do these payment networks help my maritime company?

  • Do you offer debit cards for our employees?

  • How can I request and manage payment cards for my team?

  • Are there any spending limits or controls for employee cards?

  • How does my account manager help my maritime company?

  • How can I get in touch with my account manager?

  • Is FINCI licensed?

  • How do I know my funds are secure?

  • Can you provide details about data privacy and compliance policies?

  • Do you charge any fees for opening a business account?

  • Can we connect to your API?

  • Can I add additional users for the account?

Business services for a better business

  • FINCI Escrow account

    Escrow accounts

    It’s easy to open a  escrow account to securely and efficiently complete one-off large value transactions. Perfect for protecting buyer and seller during large capital purchases in the aviation industry.

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  • Temporary Account

    Temporary accounts

    Open a temporary business account, without going through the full verification process. This allows you to deposit the required capital and complete the company formation process. It’s then easy to upgrade to a full business account.

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  • Instant Global Pay-outs

    Instant Global Pay-outs.

    Waiting days to send money across borders is a competitive disadvantage. With FINCI, you can send money instantly from Euro to multiple currencies, making it easier than ever to pay your suppliers, employees, and partners around the world. 

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  • FINCI Debit Cards

    FINCI Debit Cards.

    We offer a range of Mastercard-powered physical and digital debit cards when you open any FINCI account. Quickly connect to Apple and Google Pay for fast and secure payments. And easily manage your cards from within the Android or iOS app. 

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  • Swift Global Payments

    SWIFT global payments.

    Securely send payments anywhere on the planet with SWIFT. You’ll enjoy reliable, transparent and traceable payments in a network that covers 11,000 member institutions in over 50+ regions. It’s the payment network the world relies on. 

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  • SEPA and SEPA Instant payments in seconds

    SEPA European payments.

    With SEPA you can securely transfer large sums across 36 European countries. And with SEPA Instant you can do that in just 10 seconds. You’ll do business faster and ensure you pay suppliers and partners on time, every time.

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  • Finci Mobile App

    Android and iOS mobile app.

    With the FINCI mobile app available to Android and iOS users you can quickly manage your money and get on with your day. Send money to friends, pay bills, track spending, and freeze cards all with a few taps.

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