Rely on a FINCI Escrow account.

It’s easy to open a temporary escrow account online to securely and efficiently complete one-off large value transactions.

Open an escrow account

Use for high-value items

Need to buy or sell high-value items, such as cars, ships, planes, company shares or real estate? Then a FINCI Escrow account will allow you to safely complete the sale or purchase. This service is available for personal and business transactions.

How FINCI escrow works

  1. 1. Deal agreed

    The buyer and seller sign an agreement detailing the terms for the purchase of the high-value item. Then complete compliance checks to open the account.

  2. 2. Funds sent

    The buyer transfers the money into the newly opened escrow account (note: only FINCI has control of the account).

  3. 3. Item exchanged

    The seller delivers or transfers the high-value item to the buyer as per the terms of the deal and informs FINCI.

  4. 4. Funds released

    Once the buyer confirms with FINCI the high-value item was correctly received, we release the funds to the seller.

Got an urgent transaction to make? With FINCI you can open an escrow account in 24 hours.

Open an escrow account


Reduce risk the smart way.

Transaction Without the Risk

An escrow account is the smart way to reduce the risk of high value transactions, protecting both parties. Funds are only released once the terms of the agreement have been met. So the seller doesn’t have to worry about the buyer not paying. Nor does the buyer worry about not receiving the high-value item they purchased.

Protect your

Secure Transactions

FINCI is a fully licensed Electronic Money Institution (EMI), regulated by the Bank of Lithuania. Your escrow account is safely ring fenced from our business activities, so the funds in the escrow account would never be at risk. This is the safest way to transact high value items.

Open an escrow account in few steps.

  1. Open a FINCI personal account.

    Only FINCI customers can apply to open an escrow account. Download the free app to open your account in just 5 mins.

    • AppStore
    • AppStore
    Download Finci Mobile App
  2. Complete and sign the
    application form.

    Download the escrow form here and sign using eIDAS compliant software (see FAQs if unsure).

  3. Send the completed form to our

    Send the signed application form to us via the FINCI mobile app or online bank messaging centre.

    Finci Escrow Account
Open an escrow account
Get in touch. It’s easy.

Common Questions Common Questions

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  • Is there a minimum amount for an escrow account?

  • What is eIDAS compliant software?

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