Open a temporary business account.

Perfect for the company formation process, you can quickly open a temporary business account, deposit the required capital and complete the registration process.

Open a temporary account


Helping you start your startup

Start Your Startup

You need a business account to register your company. A temporary account with FINCI is the fast way to get this, without going through the full verification process.

Once your account is opened, and you have transferred the required share capital, you’ll receive our signed reference letter. You can then complete the company registration process and get on with business.

Easily upgrade to full business account

Get Full Business Account

Once your company is formed, it’s easy to upgrade to a full business account. You’ll then get access to our suite of payments services, including instant cross border payments. With a dedicated account manager, supported by our team of payments and compliance experts, we’ll help you trade efficiently with the world.

Note: This service is currently only available for customers in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Open a temporary account

Open a temporary business account in few steps.

  1. Download the FINCI app.

    First, you’ll need a personal account. Download the app and follow the instructions. It only takes a few minutes.

    • AppStore
    • AppStore
    Download Finci Mobile App
  2. Apply for a temporary account.

    Download, complete and e-sign this application form . We’ll also ask you for other important documents (such as your company foundation agreement).

  3. Send us the documents.

    Login to your personal account via our online bank and send us the application form and supporting documents using the messaging centre.

  4. Pay the account opening fee.

    You can pay the account opening fee (see our price list here) in one of two ways. By requesting an invoice, or by agreeing to the fee being deducted from the new account.

  5. Get your new account.

    You will be notified when your new temporary account is open (usually within 1-2 business days) via online and in-app messaging. Login to view your new account details.

  6. Transfer the initial capital.

    You can now transfer the required share capital. After this initial transfer is received, we will send you a signed reference letter, so you can complete the company registration process.

Open a temporary account
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Common Questions Common Questions

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