Primend помог финтех-бренду FINCI перейти на облочное решение от Microsoft Azure - 09 сентября 2021

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You’re an exciting new fintech business, with an ambitious vision to make financial life easier for your customers. You offer a slick payments app, with a whole suite of financial products planned. Plus, you have complex infrastructure and security demands.

The question is, what cloud service do you choose to help you on that mission, to scale smartly and securely?

For FINCI, the answer was Microsoft Azure. FINCI is a new (and uber stylish) fintech brand on a mission to make our financial lives better. Currently offering personal and business accounts, their vision is to help you get on with what really matters in life. They plan to make the financial side of your life as easy as “a walk in the park, while whistling your favourite tune”.

Choosing the right cloud to elevate their business

As a fast-growing business, FINCI requires flexibility to scale their services, as they further develop their product offering. Azure offers a huge range of important cloud services, such as containers, analytics, databases and machine learning. And, of course, as a financial services company, security was a critical factor. Microsoft Azure’s security credentials are impeccable, with the company investing over $1 billion a year in security.

Primend’s essential guiding hand

With their limited experience in the cloud, the importance of consultations and migration support was important. As the local partner for Microsoft, Primend offered crucial support to FINCI as they moved to Azure – helping them move their legacy infrastructure to the cloud quickly, efficiently and safely.

Another key consideration came from Mastercard, as they only offer cloud connection locations in either London (Amazon Web Services), or Amsterdam (Microsoft Azure). Due to Brexit and other legal considerations, such as GDPR, the final choice was to stay in the EU zone and go with Microsoft Azure.

This also made FINCI the first fintech company in Europe to set up direct cloud integration with Mastercard. As well as significant market advantages, this technological innovation allows FINCI to better serve its customers with speed and agility.

“The support we received from Microsoft partner, Primend, has helped us transition seamlessly to Azure cloud services. This move allows FINCI to offer our customers superior financial services that are built on a faster, more agile and more secure cloud infrastructure,” said Mihails Kuznecovs, FINCI’s CEO. “The team at Primend made life so much easier and have been a real pleasure to work with,” he added.

With Primend’s and Microsoft’s support, FINCI now has cost-efficient access to the cloud infrastructure it needs to scale performance and better serve its customers. And make everyone’s financial life like a walk in the park.

* FINCI UAB is holding electronic money institution license #60, licensed and supervised by The Bank of Lithuania.

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