Mokėjimo sąskaitų žodynėlis

Mokėjimo sąskaitų žodynėlis (EN)

Term related to the service linked to the payment account Definition of the term related to the service linked to the payment account
1. Maintaining the account The account provider operates the account for use by the client.
2. Debit card issuance The account provider issues a payment card linked to the client's account. The amount of each payment made using the card is immediately and in full debited from the client's account.
3. Cash withdrawal The client withdraws cash from client’s account.
4. Credit transfer SEPA At the client's instruction, the account provider transfers money from the client's account to another account. Transfers are executed in euro to accounts opened in countries inside the SEPA.
5. Crediting of incoming payments in euro The account provider credits the incoming payments in euros from the accounts opened in the SEPA countries to the client's account.
6. Crediting of incoming international payments The account provider credits incoming payments in a currency other than euro or from accounts opened in countries outside the SEPA to the client’s account.

Please note that other terms are provided in the Service agreement or/and relevant annexes.