Atviroji bankininkystė

Atviroji bankininkystė (EN)

Finci seeks collaboration with financial technology companies, or any other interested parties, in developing innovative solutions under the PSD2 regulations, also known as The Open Banking Initiative. The partnership is aimed at enhancing customer experience and giving more freedom and choice to customers on how to handle their own money.

Finci Open Collaboration Platform offers:

  • A standard application programming interface (API) available for any enterprise which possesses the appropriate license.
  • Partner API which can be used for joint development of new products.
  • A "Sandbox", which allows a test environment to assess the work of the created solutions, that can be offered to customers over time.

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What is an Open Banking Collaboration Platform?

Finci’s Open Collaboration Platform is an API-based (Application Programming Interface) ecosystem of a bank, in which products meet user interfaces. APIs are used to provide general access to data and initiate actions between application programs both in the internal environment of organizations and between organizations.

Who Can Participate in the Open Collaboration Platform?

An open collaboration platform is designed both for independent program and application developers, as well as for enterprises. This is a great platform for startup companies, allowing you to develop new and innovative products in a digital environment.

Is the Open Collaboration Platform Safe?

At the moment, platform functionality is limited. In the first stage the user gets access only to the test data, which is not actual client data. In the later stages, the functionality of the Open Collaboration Platform will be explained, while the security measures will be increased to accommodate the higher exposure to users data.